Thermal application Fík Ltd. Company has been a domestic and international supplier of industrial furnaces and ovens, environmental and various thermal devices, including heat recovery or regeneration of complete heating systems for the engineering, steel, metal, ceramic and glass industry since 1989.





Industrial furnaces

Our main commodities include industrial furnaces, which are supplied on a ‘turn-key’ basis. Industrial furnace supplying consists of project briefing, draft drawing, constructional processing, manufacturing, assembly, putting into operation and, of course, after-warranty service. In addition, we also provide reconstruction and renovation of industrial furnaces and other heating equipment, including control systems:

  • industrial furnaces construction up to 1850°C to preheat combustion air in recuperators up to 600°C, and regenerators up to 1100°C
  • automatic control of furnace functions and processes with possible connection to the computer of the central production control.


Industrial furnaces and their usage


Mezi ně They are mostly furnaces for heating or heat treatment, for example:


  • car-type furnace
  • bogie-hearth furnace
  • roller hearth furnace
  • walking beam furnace
  • shove furnace
  • bell-type furnace
  • rotary hearth furnace
  • batch furnace

They are used for heating charge before forging, heating pig-iron before rolling in rolling mill, heating the sheet metal before stamping them, etc. Furhter we provide industrial furnaces with shielding gas for sheet metal or copper scrolls annealing. We have supplied a wide range of thermal applications and industrial furnaces. To find some of them please see our references.

Thermal applications Fík Ltd.

Economization and energy saving

Our solutions are characterised by efficiency and short time return for your investment. During our many years of existence we have achieved many successes thanks to our team of top experts, who are actively collaborating with leading R&D institutes.

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Our service

Gas burners, recuperators, linings, insulation, burning and cleaning emissions, set-in and removing mechanism. We manage our own components and execution of a work. We are also actively involved with head world wide producers.

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